“With special appreciation for the Being in Balance method – it is an important part of our evolution – for it can heal our world!”

Bruce Lipton PhD

Internationally leader in bridging Science and Spirit

“My work at Nyenrode Business University encompasses researching holistic approaches for human and organisational development. Hence beside a personal desire in exploring Being in Balance, I had a professional curiosity. In both I am positively surprised. So far, I have not yet encountered an instrument that has the capability to scan and analyse the state of being of the human body in relation to the patterns of behaviour and (sub)conscious convictions that are barriers for further development of human vitality and performance. I am impressed with the depth of the scan as well as the broad and practical spectrum of ‘treatments’ that can be used to make the next steps. In my opinion Being in Balance can be of great help for organisations that aspire to unleash the full potential of their management and employees.”
Erik Mandersloot

Researcher and lecturer at the Strategy Center of Nyenrode Business Universiteit.

In this new era, we will discover more and more that we are energetic beings for over 99% and physical beings for less than 1%. With Being in Balance, we can find disturbances in our energetic body and harmonize them with the right modality. This not only helps our body but also our emotional, mental, and psychological well-being. Being in Balance is a method for body, mind, and soul.
Jan Bommerez

Management Inspirer and Author of, inter alia, ‘Kun je een rups leren vliegen? (Can you teach a caterpillar how to fly?)’

“I think that the development of a team always starts with the development of the individual. At the top level, mental resilience is decisive. That is what we need to work on. Being in Balance gives us and the athlete insight into who one is, what one has to work on, and what one’s potential is! The individual must be in balance to achieve maximum performance. A unique approach to each individual, even in team sports, will contribute to a top sports climate and allows us to get the most out of it. We of AZ believe that Being in Balance allows us to distinguish ourselves and to perform at a TOP level”
Gertjan Verbeek

Former head coach of AZ

“At AZ, we as staff work hard every day to guide, train, and coach our players to the best of our abilities in order to maximize the chances of success. An important aspect of this process is the physical and mental status of the players. We are able to monitor the physical development throughout the season through, inter alia, individual preventive physical programs and a player tracking system that tracks the individual player’s cardiovascular status. For the mental and emotional domains of a player, AZ has found a partner in Being in Business with the Being in Balance method that provides customized coaching and guidance in these areas. Personally, I have been able to go through the Being in Balance process satisfactorily, in which making mental aspects measurable is an innovative way to visualize the mental and emotional domains. Even now, every week, the outcomes provide me with a framework regarding processes in my private life and at work. Finally, I believe that Being in Balance gives our players the opportunity to develop themselves as human beings, ultimately increasing the chances of sports success for AZ. “
Joost van der Hoek, MD, PhD

Hoofd Medische Staf AZ

“Like many organisations I work for is performance driven-it’s data driven-and people like to see the proof that something works. Heartmath gives you that proof.”
Chris Roythorne, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer, BP

“… A wonderful, effective path to serenity for crazy, busy executives. The program not only works as a “problem fixer”
Bob Morgan

President, Council of Growing Companies

Being focused and, above all, staying focused throughout the game is crucial. With the Being in Balance® coaching trajectory, I have been able to make progress in that. In addition, I learned more about myself. The awareness and the radical impact of addressing my diet as a ‘healthy way of thinking’ to achieve even more balance as well as the visible and measurable positive effect of this on my body, shown with the Being in Balance® scan on the computer screen, were also very valuable to me.
Jeffrey Bruma

PSV (currently Wolfsburg)

Being in Balance® has made me aware that mentally speaking, there is a lot more to you than you think. Developing that awareness has allowed me to grow mentally and to be the best I can be every time. Examples are targeted visualization of game situations and stress regulation via conscious and controlled breathing to generate the correct game pressure. In addition, becoming aware of psycho-emotional focus areas that the Being in Balance® scan exposed, such as negativity from the past, has helped me turn this into positive strength step by step, and continues to do so.
Jurgen Locadia


I have experienced Being in Balance® coaching as a unique concept that can be used by everyone. The extensive scan takes no more than ten minutes and you only need to wear headphones. In short: it is very accessible and suitable for everyone. The simplicity of the scan is the opposite of the quantity and specifics of the information it provides about your physical and mental condition. In my case, it produced a report with a full analysis of these perspectives. The customized nutritional advice completes everything and has a direct effect. It is fascinating to experience how realistic and recognizable all this information is. This knowledge is the foundation and you will use it to address a number of issues, causing you to function better in life, both at work and at home. I have pointed out this coaching method and this method of analysis to a number of people in my surroundings. They all have a similar positive experience. It is also a must for managers and supervisors to experience Being in Balance® themselves. It will have a positive effect on you and, consequently, on the employees. Ultimately, the organization will function better. At PSV, we have had very good experiences with Being in Balance® coaching. This has become a permanent part of the Mental Program in the PSV Innovation Plan. Players and staff members of PSV are very enthusiastic about the progress determined and achieved using Being in Balance® coaching.
Toon Gerbrands

Algemeen directeur PSV

The HeartMath Peak Performance training of Being in Business is suitable for anyone of all walks of life. I am convinced that, especially for those stressed out by their busy jobs, it is an extremely effective technique that enables you to reduce the stress symptoms immediately and that ensures that you will feel great again. This makes you think more clearly and make better decisions. I realize that this sounds too good to be true but for me, it really works. Daniel Zavrel knows how to teach this technique in a pleasant way and gives you a lot of useful information about exercise and nutrition that contributes to a healthier view on life. All in all, I think this training is a must.

Rob van de Merwe


This Being in Business course was very beneficial to me in the area of awareness and inner peace. In addition to HeartMath’s techniques, many related issues were addressed, which contributed greatly to my current life phase. Daniel Zavrel teaches in a clear and calm way and as a result, he is an example of inner peace for the students. In hindsight, I would have liked to take this perfect course ten years earlier
Leon de Zwart

Partner Assurance, PWC

I have experienced the Being in Business Vitality training as very confrontational because we were clearly told how we (choose to) deal with health and vitality in our society. In our training, I (and my colleagues) was given many tools to make new choices in my lifestyle to boost my health and vitality. Now, a few months later, I notice that I have made good choices and stick to them, not only because I know it is better for me but also because I experience it like that. I am not working on all my problem areas yet, but I do notice that the process of making new choices and becoming more “vital” as a result has not stopped. So, all in all, this training course has a long-term impact!
Drs. Marjolijn Ijsseldijk

VDS, Manager Impact Consultants

Being in Business has provided leaders and co-educators of Kindervilla with a vitality course founded on HeartMath. For me personally, HeartMath is a clear method. It measures how I feel, which initially caused unrest but then it gave me more than inner peace. It decreased stress, gave me a better understanding of my feelings, and it taught me to stop stress very quickly. I still apply it every day when I am driving to work or commute to other places. It gave me many lessons and insights, and I use my own strength more.
Eugenie Suer

Kindervilla Companies BV, Director

Being in Business can link spirituality and business very clearly. If things went too far for us, we stopped them and they were flexible enough to adjust the program immediately. After three days, everyone was so enthusiastic. The sessions create a perfectly tight team. We are still talking about it after two years. Absolutely an eye-opener for everyone from one’s own perspective!
Renée Barsukoff Poniatowsky

Verdonk, Otten, Dik & Wiegerinck (VODW) Marketing, Partner

Holland Railconsult has a number of training courses for its staff of which Management Development is one. This MD-trajectory, which is supervised by Nijenrode University, has InterVenture teams that need to organize a workshop linked to a theme. The most tasteful one was the workshop ‘know yourself’ in which Being in Business played an important role. During the workshop, the MDs were given insight into their own functioning and the influence they, intentionally or unintentionally, have on their surroundings. In a professional way, Being in Business has offered the attendees a mirror and enabled them to take a good look at/in themselves in a familiar environment. An aura reading that results in one’s personal strengths was the highlight. In a friendly way that was acceptable to engineers, Being in Business has given the senior management of tomorrow insight into spiritual intelligence and the realization that the modern market and associated business operations can be approached differently. Particularly the way in which Daniel Zavrel presented this subject, considered soft by engineers, led to an excellent result. We stepped outside the box and were not derailed.
Robbert de Ridder

Holland Railconsult, Area Manager

Police officers are expected to be in the midst of society, to be flexible, to be on 24-hour shifts, and to have a down-to-earth outlook on life. It may be clear that they experience a lot when they work in the field. One is always on the lookout and if something happens, the police officers are often the first ones on the spot. The combination of work and care makes it all the more difficult. Really, there is hardly any time to slow down. Things often should have been done yesterday and without realizing it, there is much (and long-term) pressure at work. When the Police and Emancipation Foundation (now called Diversity Expertise Center) was looking for content for a theme day, this target group (especially policewomen) had a clear question: how to find a way to relax? How can you, in your own way, learn how to relax in a short period of time? Daniel Zavrel’s ‘Meditation as Down-to-Earth Relaxation’ workshop proved to be an overwhelming success. That title in particular already spoke to the down-to-earth police officers. In a relaxed atmosphere, interpretation was given to the workshop in a unique manner. The alternation of theory, exercises and working with music worked well. There was so much interest that the workshop was offered a few times more on the theme days as well as on the National Police Women Contact Day. The comments were consistent: “demand meets offer,” “just what we were looking for,” and “after a day of training, you actually know something you can use at home as well!” I hope Being in Business continues to give this kind of great training.
Carine van Oostveen

Diversity Expertise Center, Coördinator

SLO from Enschede, specialists in learning processes, is an organization with 250 experts that specialize in developing learning contents and designing learning processes for educational institutions, businesses, and nonprofits. There are many changes in education as well as elsewhere. That requires the staff to take a different approach to internal and external customers, including its secretaries. Hence, SLO has chosen a Being in Business training to educate forty-five secretaries on team building and own responsibility.
Anita Döbber

Head of Secretary team

“In this three-day training course of Being in Business, we worked on team development in a particularly inspiring, educational, and effective way. It focused on the awareness process regarding the secretaries’ own behavior. The training has led to a greater degree of collegiality by, for example, collaborating on all kinds of creative assignments. Getting to know and anticipate inner thoughts of colleagues was an aspect of the training, which has resulted in more mutual understanding. Thanks to the training, the secretaries now communicate more directly with each other and with others. It has enabled a critical look at one’s own behavior. According to SLO, the success of Being in Business’ training is determined by the interaction between humanity and confrontation. Here, it focuses on themes like ‘feeling safe in a group’ and ‘emphasizing the positive.’ During the training, the motto ‘nothing is crazy and everything is allowed’ was mentioned repeatedly. Fear of exchanging one’s own problems, experiences, and thoughts disappeared due to an inventive approach. In short, SLO’s secretaries thought it was a great experience and a very useful training. This training was part of a series of activities to further professionalize the secretary team. It was a valuable investment for both the individual and the organization. The result is a team of highly motivated secretaries. What more could you ask for as a manager?”
Ellen Groote Haar

SLO, executive secretary

I participated in the HeartMath Peak Performance training out of curiosity. During the training, I was impressed by the effect of fairly simple (breathing) techniques for your heart coherence and, hence, health. The fact that this was measured and displayed on your computer screen ensured the training was very realistic rather than vague. The HeartMath vitality training was provided by an inspiring trainer, who truly understood the matter. As a result, related topics, such as nutritional advice and meditation, could also be addressed if so desired. In short, I recommend this training to everyone with a busy job, who wants to gain insights and techniques to handle stress, improve performance, and for whom one’s health is a priority. It does require discipline to continue the techniques in one’s daily work after the course. The trainers try to help you as much as possible, but you are the one responsible for this. Give yourself that gift!
Drs. Viviana Kooistra-Voorwald

Partner Assurance, PricewaterhouseCoopers Accountants N.V

“Being in Balance goes deep and has actually brought me a change of behavior! I have gained so much from the combination of scans and conversations with the Being in Balance Coach and my own ability to turn this into action. I have gained insight into my limiting thoughts and developed the ability to adapt my behavior with helpful thoughts, whatever the cause. I have allowed respect and love for myself, which allows me to concentrate better at work. I believe that these sessions go deeper than previous coaching methods. Due to the scan, you cannot guide it towards specific elements; rather, your whole body and mind are examined. It has also broadened my horizons and shifted my boundaries. The scan is concrete and the results are measurable (for example, stress reduction in percentage on screen and noticeable results in practice). As a result, we quickly came to the core and I was able to take action for my own well-being and performance at work and at home. By using my Being in Balance diary, I make sure that I keep my spirit and enjoy Being in Balance for a longer time.”
Nienke Blom

Rayonmanager Onderwijs, Randstad Nederland

The HeartMath Peak Performance training has helped me improve my personal stress management and vitality management. It is amazing how your positive feelings and inner peace increase and tension and stress diminish during (and after) the course. This is specifically accomplished through breathing techniques “through the heart” and the power of positive thinking! I recommended this to anyone wanting to improve the quality of one’s life. Who knows, you may also grow older or fall sick less often. Indirectly, the home front also enjoys it because positive feelings rub off on your surroundings. Do it!
Drs. Wim van Rooij

Partner Assurance, PricewaterhouseCoopers Accountants N.V

HeartMath Peak Performance was a very inspiring, fascinating, and educational course in which I gained essential insights and learned skills to keep my daily vitality and energy at a high level. Daniel Zavrel is a very knowledgeable, involved, confident, and inspiring trainer who impressed me. I highly recommend this to anyone familiar with hectic Western (business) life.
Drs. Huib Broekhuis

Directeur VDS Training Consultants B.V.

“Provocative and highly practical approach at the heart of business and personal success in the next millennium … [HeartMath is] a potent combination of biomedical and research validation with heart-based technology.”
Ken Blanchard

co-author, The One-Minute Manager and Gung Ho

As PSV’s technical staff, each one of us went through the Being in Balance® Mental Power coaching trajectory individually to experience it firsthand. That was a positive and inspiring experience. We saw great added value in this to help further increase the mental resilience of individual players, which is something you can never have enough of in today’s top football. Due to the clarity, precision, and traceability on the computer screen of the level of balance in your body, possible energy leaks, stress load, energy resources, mental and psycho-emotional focus areas, and tailored nutrition as well as the measurable progression throughout the process, we believe that Being in Balance® is a winning coaching concept that contributes to the realization of the sports goals set by us as PSV.
Phillip Cocu


What particularly appealed to me about the Being in Balance Mental Power coaching trajectory is becoming aware of possible unhelpful thoughts and beliefs and being able to translate these ‘real time’ into positive, helping thoughts and feelings that contribute directly to optimal performance on the field. The measurable and visible improvement of your inner balance via the scan on the computer screen lets you know that your mental training is bearing fruit. The result is a more stable performance and life!
Jeroen Zoet

Keeper PSV

The Being in Balance® coaching has really helped me bring more peace and quiet to my head. When I am ‘free’ in my head, I simply perform better. In addition, I can now handle various situations on and off the field more resiliently and my confidence has grown further. In short, it has given me a powerful ‘mental boost!’
Luciano Narsingh

Player PSV

The HeartMath Peak Performance training raises awareness. HeartMath makes one aware that personal vitality promotes business success. Due to the tone, the structure, and especially the trainer, I have experienced the training as a warm blanket. The training confronts one and makes one happy. The realization of living from happiness and that you are the one to determine that is a revelation, no matter how trivial this statement seems to be. In the training, biofeedback makes the acceptance easier and you cannot deny the feeling.
Drs. Mark Tesselaar

Director, Systems & Process Assurance (SPA), PricewaterhouseCoopers Accountants N.V

Forty-five IT auditors at ABN AMRO witnessed a “spiritual” day. The organizers’ idea was to have a binding as well as a business element. At our request, the afternoon session was opened by the Director of Group Audit. We requested him not to have a standard presentation, but one clearly focused on the Emotional Intelligence theme. Surprisingly, he started his presentation in his shirt and showed more than average involvement in the subject. Being in Business gratefully used this presentation to form its afternoon session. In a professional presentation, they began with a brief overview of developments in society and the company and an introduction to spiritual and emotional intelligence. As part of this, there was a joint meditation (forty participants, 97% return) and at the end of the afternoon, there was a brief introduction to the relationship between diet and well-being (‘manage your mind, mind your food’). That was the introduction to the evening in a cooking studio in Amsterdam. All in all, enthusiastic auditors and IT employees!
Robert Jan Wopereis

ABN AMRO Bank, Audit & IT

The HeartMath Peak Performance training of Being in Business has taught me to act based on feelings rather than on reason. The techniques used are simple and can be applied in practice immediately. By using these techniques, I am more effective in my day-to-day business. I benefit greatly from this course in my private life as well. In short, this course has given my life more substance.
Arnout van der Rest

Partner Transfer Pricing, PWC

Crossmarks is a brand communication agency. We develop brand identities, positioning, and communication campaigns. In addition, we also come up with in-store concepts for our retail clients, such as Perry Sport and Kwantum. In our industry, you must be able to cope with stressful situations. Deadlines are the order of the day. Therefore, our employees had to be made more resilient and vital so that they would be able to neutralize stress rather than experience stress. Daniel Zavrel not only succeeded in that with the Vitality Boost training, we have even taken an extra step. Our employees have learned straightforward techniques that help them to brainstorm better and have increased their problem-solving abilities.
Albert Top

Director Crossmarks

As a new management team with experienced and inexperienced team members, we were looking for a training course that could create a true team out of the group of individuals. We saw many types of conventional management courses before Being in Business was introduced. Much persuasiveness was required to overcome the healthy skepticism and reluctance regarding the spiritual character of the management course. The fresh, enthusiastic approach and explanation by the trainers in combination with a competitive price tag made us choose Being in Business. Although the choice was made, the skepticism was still present in some people. This skepticism was completely overcome during the overwhelming launch of the program: the aura reading of the team. In succession, there was astonishment, disbelief, and admiration for the detailed analysis of the personalities and issues of those personalities in the group. This great start had a huge positive impact on the motivation of the group, because of which the deeper issues among group members were also promptly revealed and addressed. Due to these revelations, the pressure of daily business concerns has led to prompt corrective actions, further strengthening the group process. During the program, a number of parts of the original program were adjusted to current business developments in conjunction with Being in Business. Consequently, the training was also labeled as pragmatic and flexible afterward. Also, the relaxing, spiritual part of the training was very useful in bringing everything back to the right proportions in that hectic period. Spiritual exercises have further assisted the group members in planning rest, reflection, and relaxation in the often busy daily schedule. Each group member has incorporated this in one’s daily work in one’s own way. The process of growing from a group of individuals to a group has been so informative and enjoyable that each group member remembers the energetic program of Being in Business with a fulfilled feeling.
Wouter Kothuis

Holding Neways Electronics, Head of Procurement

‘The Marketing Executive Center (MEC), a unique association of marketing professionals in the Netherlands, celebrated its second lustrum in style with a weekend event in which about two-hundred people participated. A number of parallel sessions were organized during this weekend and one of these sessions was a workshop called ‘An Inner Odyssey,’ in which participants examined the spiritual that lies in every human being. Drs. Daniel Zavrel of Being in Business has taught this workshop with much enthusiasm and he has presented and led it very expertly. All attendees, without exception, were impressed with his knowledge and skills in this area. With this workshop/training, he has given the attendees a tool that everyone considered to be very valuable in the further course of their lives. The greatest proof of the value of his presentation is the request to organize the workshop again in a one-day session, allowing other members of the MEC to familiarize oneself with Daniel Zavrel and Being in Business’ pure spiritual mindset.’
Richard R. van Nieuwenhoven

Helbach, President Marketing Executive Center

Maastricht Tax Authorities/Companies organized a ‘Spiritual Intelligence’ theme day. Participants were over a hundred executives that work at the Limburg Tax Office. Being in Business provided the workshops in which executives were confronted with themselves. For many participants, that confrontation with Spiritual Intelligence was new and, thus, quite the experience. The participants’ reaction was very positive and now, Being in Business organizes follow-up sessions in smaller groups. Also, the theme day has led to a tangible change in management attitude.
Niek van de Munckhof

Maastricht Tax Authorities/Companies

Our company is moving from merely non-profit to profit. It provides staff with the ‘Own Responsibility and Entrepreneurship within Organizations’ training of Being in Business. The name of the course leads to confusion; when I see the program, it seems to focus on the spiritual side and not the commercial side. The program is no run-of-the-mill skills training. I immediately feel that the course starts where it should start in my opinion: myself. Many tools were used, including core quadrants, information about awareness development theories and application thereof, and the spiral of self-entrepreneurship. How does the course support me daily? The concept of ‘obstructive beliefs.’ It highlights all the fears and thoughts that make you come to terms with ‘given the circumstances’ rather than activating yourself ‘in spite of and thanks to the circumstances.’ I felt the source of those obstructive beliefs: me. Through meditation, I learned to let go of fear and negative anticipation. The aura reading still refers me to my talents on a daily basis. I now experience as positive that which I have gained and developed in life, unlike earlier when I was under the impression that people just found those gifts troublesome and whiny. I now experience them as something I have to offer. The yoga made the body and mind ready for a step out of the what-appeared-to-be-safe cocoon of years of experience. I have not continued working on that. Thanks to their own powerful business experience, the Being in Business trainers provide a reference framework and a way of exchanging with each other that meets our needs: how can we make room for our (re)discovered talents in our company? From our course group came an InterVision group that meets every six weeks. The central subject discussed is always ‘being an entrepreneur of your own talents in our company.’ The training’s point of view apparently provided us with a safe and effective foundation to make us more entrepreneurial and to further develop ourselves as an entrepreneur of our talents. To me, the training means an empowerment of my talents and a love for them: creating space without obstructions. The spiritual angles are not vague; I found that they yield very concrete behavior that the company benefits and gains a profit from. There is a process going on in which I always keep an eye on Tagore’s idea of desiring the fruit makes one miss the flower.
Mannus Goris

SLO, Curriculum developer